We’ve been building user-focused Moodle plugins since 2010, including new plugins and customizations of existing plugins for standard and multi-client/multi-tenant Moodle sites. Our experience means quicker success for you. Here are a few recent releases; any with an asterisk (*) are also available for multi-client/multi-tenant sites.

    • Zoom live conferencing supporting multiple Zoom accounts *
    • LTI 1.3 or 1.1 provider and consumer support, including custom UX and user registration *
    • Reward and gamification systems offering coins, gadgets, and points *
    • New account self-registration including registration keys and payment integration *
    • Themes, including multi-level animated worlds for both children and adult learners *
    • Theme customizations/extensions for popular themes like Boost and RemUI *
    • Cross-course reporting of progress, completions, and transcripts; includes automated scheduled reports that can be emailed or downloaded *
    • Trackable external SCORM package publishing with live usage reporting *
    • SAML and Microsoft Office365 / Active Directory / Azure AD SSO *
    • Digital signature capture *
    • Advanced search using computer vision/AI to scan videos and site content


We regularly use public and private API’s to integrate Moodle, Canvas, and other LMS platforms with the best applications and tools to support learning businesses and institutions. This includes solutions for marketing automation, sales, eCommerce, live conferencing, cloud infrastructure, content, advanced search, analytics and reporting, SSO and authentication, LTI  services, and more:

    • Learning experiences and data: LTI 1.3 and LTI 1.1, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004, xAPI, Storyline, Rise, Captivate, Elucidat, iSpring
    • On-demand video and Live streaming: Vimeo, YouTube, AWS S3 / CloudFront / MediaConvert
    • Live conferencing: Zoom, CirqLive
    • Gamification: Phaser 3
    • Search engines: Solr, Vidrovr, Google
    • CRM, sales, and marketing automation: Zoho,, SugarCRM / Suite CRM
    • Payments / eCommerce: Shopify, WooCommerce, Edwiser Bridge
    • CMS: Wordress, Joomla
    • SMS: Twilio
    • Digital Signatures: SignNow, eSignGenie
    • Cloud infrastructure: Amazon Web Services (AWS) , Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP),  GoDaddy, Linode, and others

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